On 19 June 2020 DUCC published its input to the European Commission's Roadmap on the upcoming Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability - part of the European Green Deal announced in December 2019.

DUCC's comments on the Roadmap reflect the following key points:

  • DUCC members provide innovative solutions with economic, environmental and societal benefits aligned with the priorities of the European Green Deal
  • The importance/value of biocides - as evidenced by the COVID-19 public health crisis
  • Any regulatory framework must be proportionate, well assessed and based on sound science – focus on risk, not hazard
  • The importance of international harmonisation
  • Industry's contribution to the digitalisation agenda to improve communication on chemicals.

Downstream users are well prepared to provide recognised expertise, technological and scientific know-how, regulatory insights and concrete manufacturing innovations, solutions and services to support the EU’s sustainability ambition for the chemicals sector.

To download the DUCC response to the Roadmap, click here