On 6 October 2021, on the occasion of the ECHA Safer Chemicals Conference DUCC releases a new leaflet to introduce itself as well as its valuable contribution to Chemicals Policy in Europe since 2001. 
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Celebrating its 20 years of existence, DUCC has also been collecting a number of very valuable testimonials from the founders of DUCC back in 2001, its various Chairs, and last but not least, from key policy officials from the European Commission and ECHA who have all experienced the great work of this unique coalition of downstream users of chemicals promoting the safe use of chemicals across the value chain. These testimonials include quotes from Anne-Marie Rodeyns, Veronique Scailteur, Gwenole Cozigou, Geert Dancet, Bjorn Hansen, Sylvie Lemoine, Marco Mensink and Jan Robinson.
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